Company history

1930 The electrical engineer Fritz Püttmann starts the company as an engineering office

 1951 Start as a sales representative for Ernst Tesch KG (today a part of Rockwell)

1955 Construction of the the Elektrohaus in Frankfurt, opposite the fair area. This building contained the offices and the warehouse of Puettmann until the late 1990s.

1959 Gerhard Püttmann, son of Fritz, joins the company. Gerhard was an electrical engineer, educated at the Technical University of Munich.

Fritz und Gerhard Püttmann

Fritz and Gerhard Püttmann

Unterschrift des Gründers Fritz Püttmann

Our founder's signature

Elektrohaus Frankfurt

Elektrohaus Frankfurt

1971 Start of sales representation for Leuze electronic and Magnetic 

1987 The founder Fritz Püttmann leaves the company. His grandson Bernhard Püttmann joins the company

Development of the company logo by Fritz Püttmann 

Entwicklung Firmenlogo 1980


Bernhard Püttmann becomes CEO

Evolution of business model from sales representation to providing a wholistic product offering in industrial automation

Company moves to Königstein im Taunus, outside of Frankfurt

Firmensitz 1998-2018

Former company headquarters in Königstein, 1998-2018

Broschüre 80er Jahre

Company brochure from the 1980s when Puettmann was a sales representative for Tesch, Leuze, magnetic, Zahnradwerk Köllmann, Dietz andUnivent

Sick Aktuell Beitrag 2000

Article in Sick company newspaper "Sick Aktuell" around the year 2000. The title reads "The internet cannot replace direct contact with customers"


Sensors are a growth driver for Puettmann

Increase in the number of regional sales engineers 

Revenue rises above 10 mio. € 

Firmensitz in Oberursel

Sitz in Oberursel


Sebastian and Frederik, the sons of Bernhard, enter the company

Revenues rise above 20 mio. € 

Move to new, larger company headquarters in Oberursel, near Frankfurt


2020 90th company anniversary


Revenues rise above 30 mio. € 

Growth areas are PLCs and other control cabinet elements

Dr. Lukas Püttmann, son of Bernhard, enters the company


Puettmann GmbH & Co. KG
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61440 Oberursel


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Fax: +49 6171 91878-29 
Office hours: 8:00-16:30

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