Our focus is the electrical and electromechanical automation technologysuch as sensors, safety, controls, relais, identification systems and connector technology.

Our goal is to provide the optimal solution for our clients choosing from different brands. This also includes highly specialized products and brands.

Our sales engineers can showcase products in your factories. For these or any other inquiries, please contact us:

Through our long experience of more than 90 years we have created a comprehensive product database. With this database, we can quickly provide you with you price quote or find an alternative for you.

Size of our database: 1 million products with price information

Finding articles

We also provide older, long-running articles, which might be hard to obtain from other sources. You can find the lists of these articles here:

Our warehouse

We store a large number of common articles in our own stock. Our warehouse contains 100,000 items of more than 3,000 articles



Optical, ultrasound, laser, inductive, capacitive, magnetic sensors, camera sensors and lighting, LED lighting, radio technology, pressure, temperature, flow and level meters, registration sensors, temperature difference measurement, fork and frame light barriers, radar-based level measurement, non-contact switches, switching light grids, I/O-Link sensors and parameterization devices.

Through our extensive experience in sensor technology, we can often provide you options of up to 5 different technically-identical sensors 

Identification systems

Identifikation und Systeme

Bar code readers and systems, 2/3D code reading systems, image processing, data matrix code readers, RFID systems and application advice, product identification and tracking, optical data transmission. Hand scanners and mobile computing systems for automatic reading of product codes and transfer to the logistics chain.


Factory automation


Small controllers, PLC, solid state relays and conductors, measuring and time relays, encoders, hollow shaft encoders with all common interfaces, pressure, flow, level and temperature sensors, pneumatics, control cabinet automation, frequency converters, circuit breakers, bus couplings, low-voltage components and systems, contactors of all makes and designs.

As a service: Product conversion to new devices with the same function!

Safety technology


Safety light grid, safety radar scanner including safety applications software, emergency stop relays, safety controls, door locks, optical safety scanners from all manufacturers and safety switches.

We also carry out risk assessments  on customer systems together with our certified manufacturer partners.


Measuring technology


Optical distance sensors, measuring light grids, 2D scanners, scanners for road measurement, magnetoresistive length measurement, ultrasonic sensors with measurement output, capacitive measurement sensors, camera systems with measurement function, 2D coded length measurement, linear potentiometer, time-of-flight distance sensors.

On-site advice for measurement technology tasks by our experienced sales force.



Cables, holders, bus coupling modules, sensor distributors, reflectors, power packs, LED signal lights. I/O-Link modules, terminal technology, tools for cabling and stripping, ferrules and cable labeling.

Customized packaging composition for OEM customers.



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